Why Handyman Services Prefer to Rent – Rather Than Buy – Their Equipment

18 December 2017

While the latest drill to hit the stores may have caught your eye, it doesn’t make sense to pay a whole lot of money for a piece of equipment you will, at most, only use a few times a year. Unless you regularly use a particular tool, it is worth considering the benefits of being able to rent tools before you commit yourself to buying something you will regret.

The Benefits of Renting Tools:

Renting tools means you will always be able to get the best tool for the job that will not only help you finish the job to perfection but may even save you time too!

  • Wear and tear

More than that, however, owning your own tools means you have to always factor in the wear-and-tear on your equipment with each job so that you will be able to regularly replace or repair your tools down the line. Renting tools makes it so much easier to add the cost of the rental to the job. This means you can then quote more accurately, and have the peace of mind that the rental company is responsible for the regular maintenance and replacement of their tools to ensure the peak performance thereof.

  • Storage

Renting also gives you the flexibility of only hiring the equipment for the duration of a job. The result is that you are not left sitting with (and paying for) a machine you’re not using during your quiet periods. But aside from the cost of the equipment, the storage of the equipment is always an issue. Paying for storage space costs money that could very likely affect your bottom line, while a rental company is far better equipped to ensure their equipment is always stored under the right conditions.

Rental solutions

For most handymen and small construction businesses, renting the equipment required has more benefits than buying does. Which is why Talisman Hire offers a wide range of quality tools and equipment for hire at prices that suit your budget and your needs. Whether for development, construction, maintenance or improvements and renovations, we’re well-known for our construction equipment and our rental solutions. So, if you’re looking for the best place to rent tools for your next project, give us a call!